Coaching services

I offer coaching in three main categories. Starting with an oriëntational call, just to get to know each other and to see if we feel a match. Then, using a combination of theory and practice, I can help you achieve your goals within only a few sessions. You gain a partner. A listener. But also an honest voice. I try to say what I see. Sometimes in a slightly provocative manner and always with warmth. Because I honestly care. And I love to see you go more confident, playful and free than when you came.

Career coaching

In a few short sessions I can help you (re)discover your strenghts, define your passion or mission and choose a direction. I can also help you land that job you want! I will tell you what the recruiter and hiring manager are thinking. Let’s review your CV and application letter..

Leadership coaching

Are you a manager or do you have ambitions to manage a team? I can help you discover your leadership style, give you insights into how you come across and help you be an authentic leader. Practicing situational leadership, servant leadership, and different styles of management.

Personal effectivity

Using lessons from Neuro Linguistic Programming, I can help you manage your thoughts, your emotions and your actions. You might have certain goals or areas to work on. Such as relationships, communication or confidence. In a few short sessions I can help you take control so you can be who you want to be.

Let’s start with a good conversation.