I am an Amsterdam based recruitment specialist with a passion for Talent Acquisition, business and personal development.

Managing a recruitment agency in the field of digital & marketing has given me insight into many businesses and the opportunity to speak with bright minds. I like to address themes such as candidate journeys, employer branding, storytelling and sourcing. Approaching every candidate as the next big rockstar, because people still make the difference. I believe employees look at the labour market the way consumers look at products and services: more than ever, we tend to look to organisations with whom we share DNA, a mission and a sentiment.

I thrive when I can combine my sense of human value with a result oriented environment. Before starting my career in the field of talent acquisition I studied HR. In recent years I discovered the many tools of self-development that Neuro Linguistic Programming offers. As a certified Master Coach in NLP I have since gained experience in both professional and personal coaching. My passion for personal effectivity and efficiency drives me to get the best out of myself and my environment. I enjoy making good things better, I love setting goals and passionately chasing them together.

One of my missions is to help people become the best possible authentic version of themselves. I firmly believe that people will thrive and be creative if you create the right environment. That people want to learn and have impact. In complex environments I make an effort to think in essences and break down difficult matters, leading to effective decision making. I am an advocate of effort and openness. And of working smart. Not working hard blindly.

Sharing my learnings gives me energy and fulfilment and I love a dialogue. This site is a means to express myself and share. Here’s an overview of current blogs and subjects I mean to write about: