Dust yourself off. Pick yourself up. Sleep well and be rested. Ready to go. Yesterday was only yesterday. Tomorrow can still be anything you imagine it might be. Every morning you have a choice. Will you linger on yesterdays mistakes or will you choose to see the new day as a blank canvas, tabula rasa.

You are not who you were yesterday. You have grown. Throw off the shackles of past mistakes. It doesn’t matter that you felt insecure yesterday. Nobody blames you for forgetting to fulfil that task or for that typo in the presentation.

If you are anything like the other 7 billion people on this planet then you are your own worst critic. Take it easy on yourself. You probably give others second chances so do the same for yourself.

Don’t forget, the people around you have the same thoughts and might dwell on their own shortcomings. They are not occupied by yours. So if you give yourself space, your tomorrows will truly always be fresh starts. So start early and be playfully excited. See you tomorrow!

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