To all the youngsters out there, you seem to be in a hurry to be successful, influential and rich. What is the rush? These days, we can expect to live 70, 80 or 90 years, so take your time. Find your passion, discover your strengths and your peculiarities. Spend your 20’s gaining experience, trying things out and just being in the moment.

I see many people, mid twenties, that crash into some sort of mental barrier. In this time of information we see succes all around us (we think that’s what we are seeing). Many young people feel they are missing out and they need to hurry and become something professionally. Status is all around us.

“Do you remember Janey, from uni? She’s a marketing manager already!”

Do not be tricked! Sure, Janey might be doing well. But you absolutely cannot compare your path to hers. She has other goals, other passions. And don’t forget, she might secretly hate her job. You are not doing worse than she is. Do not let differences define you.

“Life is short”? Okay, life is shorter than many of us want it to be. But make no mistake, life can be long and waiting for life to happen can be a tedious exercise. My advice: just don’t be idle. As long as you are learning and daring to take risks you are going forward. If you ask me, life is truly about being playful, being mindful and growing.

My advice to anybody in their twenties: learn, see, hear, feel and experience life. Many years of hard work lay in front of you. Let’s make a deal: spend most of your 20’s discovering and then focus on becoming what you want to be after that.

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